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Ceramic Incense Holder With Ins : 44ARJ542391

Description : This set of clay incense holder with 10 big cones 5 small cones and 2 packs of 10 mini sticks is produced in Bali made from tropical pulp flower. Original packing inside an handmade box.

More Infos : Also available in aromas : Amber. Apple. Bergamot. Cacao. Canabis. Chempaka. Cinnamon. Citronnella. Clove. Coconut. Coffe. Darshan. Euqaliptus. Frangipani. Gardenia. Grass. Jasmine. Krishna Musk. Lavender. Lemon. Lotus. Macana. Mango. Musk. Nagchampa. Narcis. Night Queen. Opium. Orange. Orchid. Passion Fruit. Patchouly. Peppermint. Rose. Rosemary. Sakura. Sandalwood. Spice. Strawberry. Sweet balinese. Variety. Vetiver. Ylang-Ylang. Vanilla. Lotus.

Size Price Purchase
10 cm USD 2.23

The Balishine handicraft collection items are handmade and then may be different with this sample image

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